CLeRC provides valuable resources for students studying chemistry

Posted: February 16th, 2015

The Chemistry Learning Resource Center, CLeRC, opened its doors at the start of Fall semester 2014.  This effort, managed by director Ben Reynolds, has helped provide hours of help and resources to students currently enrolled in chemistry courses.  Resources include: office hours and study sessions, computer lab, laptops, reservable study spaces, access to textbooks and other reference supplies, professional development opportunities, and more.  At its inception, the CLeRC was designed to primarily serve the broad CSU community through support of large enrollment general and organic undergraduate chemistry courses.  However, the CLeRC has already expanded to also support upper-division and graduate chemistry courses.  This academic year,  approximately 80 TAs and faculty have offered more than 200 hours of learning support in 27 chemistry courses with an enrollment of over 12,000 students.

Already, students have found this facility friendly, welcoming and a great resource.  As remarked by a general chemistry student last Fall, “This resource REALLY helps and I strongly urge my fellow struggling students to take advantage of this free resource on the fourth floor of Yates, it really turned my grade (and perception of the class) around.”

For more details on the CLeRC, including hours, please visit: