Faculty – Analytical

B George Barisas
B George Barisas - Professor
Ph.D., Yale University
970-491-6641 / George.Barisas@colostate.edu
Laser optical techniques for analysis of cell surface phenomena; microcalorimetry

Thomas Borch
Thomas Borch - Professor, Soil and Crop Sciences
Ph.D., Montana State University
970-491-6235 / thomas.borch@colostate.edu
My research is directed at determining reactions influencing the fate of trace elements and organic contaminants in soils.

Delphine Farmer
Delphine Farmer - Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley
970-491-0624 / delphine.farmer@colostate.edu
Atmospheric biogeochemistry and mass spectrometry
Atmospheric chemistry; Instrument development & high resolution mass spectrometry; Field and laboratory measurements of reactive trace gases, pesticides and particles; Oxidation of organic compounds in the atmosphere; Biosphere-atmosphere exchange.

Ellen Fisher
Ellen Fisher - Professor
Ph.D., University of Utah
970-491-5250 / Ellen.Fisher@colostate.edu
Plasma chemistry, reactivity of radicals with surfaces using LIF and molecular beam techniques. Plasma polymerization deposition and etching of materials. Characterization of plasma synthesized thin films.

Charles Henry
Charles Henry - Professor, Department Chair
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
970-491-2852 / chuck.henry@colostate.edu
Microscale bioanalytical and environmental chemistry
Bioanalytical chemistry; environmental chemistry; chemical separations; microscale chemical instrumentation; capillary electrophoresis; biosensor development; paper-based analytical devices; electrochemical sensors; microfluidics

A.R. Ravishankara
A.R. Ravishankara - Professor
Ph.D. University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
970-491-2876 / A.R.Ravishankara@colostate.edu
Atmospheric Chemistry
Atmospheric chemistry via studies in gas phase kinetics and photochemistry, heterogeneous chemistry, atmospheric field observations, and analyses of modeling results; Furthering understanding of the earth’s atmosphere, diagnosing, understanding of, and providing solutions to environmental issues of the stratospheric ozone depletion, air quality, and climate change; Provide new insights into gas phase chemical reactions, reactions on surfaces and in liquids, and photochemical processes; Developing new experimental methods both for laboratory studies and atmospheric measurements.

Melissa Reynolds
Melissa Reynolds - Associate Professor of Chemistry and School of Biomedical Engineering
Ph.D., University of Michigan
970-491-3775 / melissa.reynolds@colostate.edu
Biomaterials and biomedical engineering
Multidisciplinary chemical design and fabrication of biomimetic materials for use in medical device applications. Research work includes: synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds including small-molecule therapeutics, polymers, and extended frameworks; analytical studies utilizing fluorescence, chemiluminesence, zeta potential, and LC/MS-TOF; fabrication and engineering of materials; biomedical efficacy and toxicity studies.

Justin Sambur
Justin Sambur - Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Colorado State University
970-491-3096 / jsambur@colostate.edu
Nanomaterials, Nanoelectrochemistry, Super-resolution Imaging
The Sambur group synthesizes nanomaterials and develops imaging techniques to correlate material properties with nanoscale function/performance.

Alan Van Orden
Alan Van Orden - Professor
Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley
970-491-6286 / Alan.Van_Orden@colostate.edu
Bioanalytical chemistry, single molecule detection and spectroscopy, laser spectroscopy, optical and scanning probe microscopy, optical biosensors for pharmaceutical and clinical chemistry.