Faculty – Inorganic

Christopher Ackerson
Christopher Ackerson - Associate Professor
Ph.D., Stanford University
970-491-0521 / Chris.Ackerson@colostate.edu
Nanoparticle structure, nanoparticle chemistry, novel nanoparticle synthesis strategies, applications of nanoparticles to biological imaging.

Eugene Chen
Eugene Chen - Professor
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
970-491-5609 / eugene.chen@colostate.edu
Polymer Chemistry, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, and Catalysis
Bioplastics from renewable feedstocks, biomass conversion into chemicals and fuels, metal-catalyzed stereospecific and asymmetric polymerizations, Lewis pair polymerization, organopolymerization catalysis, precision polymer synthesis, polymer photovoltaics

Debbie Crans
Debbie Crans - Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University
970-491-7635 / Debbie.Crans@colostate.edu
Molecular recognition of enzymes, bioorganic chemistry, biological and physical organic chemistry of organic phosphate compounds and analogs, bioinorganic chemistry of vanadium (V) compounds, insulin mimetic compounds, NMR spectroscopy, enzyme catalyzed synthesis, development of methods for trace metal speciation, seed germination

Richard Finke
Richard Finke - Professor
Ph.D., Stanford University
970-491-2541 / Richard.Finke@colostate.edu
Chemical catalysis, nanoparticle research, energy research and kinetics and mechanism

James Neilson
James Neilson - Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of California Santa Barbara
970-491-2958 / james.neilson@colostate.edu
Functional inorganic materials for energy and biomineralization
New materials and methodologies involving solid-state and solution-phase reactions, particularly those involving kinetic control. We study structure/property relationships of materials (e.g., magnetism, electrical transport) using advanced synchrotron X-ray and time-of-flight neutron scattering and spectroscopic methods.

Amy Prieto
Amy Prieto - Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
970-491-1592 / Amy.Prieto@colostate.edu
Electrochemical synthesis of inorganic bulk and nanoscale materials, low-temperature solid-state chemistry, nanomaterials.

Anthony Rappe
Anthony Rappe - Professor
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
970-491-6292 / Anthony.Rappe@colostate.edu
Theoretical characterization of reaction mechanisms in homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, new electronic structure techniques, development of force fields or model potentials for chemical reactivity studies.

Matthew Shores
Matthew Shores - Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
970-491-7235 / Matthew.Shores@colostate.edu
(Magnetic) applications of coordination complexes
Coordination and organometallic complex synthesis and characterization: environmental control of spin-crossover properties; single-molecule magnets; solar photochemistry employing earth-abundant materials.

Steven Strauss
Steven Strauss - Professor
Ph.D., Northwestern University
970-491-5104 / steven.strauss@colostate.edu
Fundamental and applied aspects of synthetic inorganic, analytical and environmental chemistry; fluorinated superweak ions; selective fluorination and chlorination of fullerenes; pollution prevention; infrared sensors for environmental and industrial applications; redox-cyclable ion-exchange; layered materials; metal carbonyls

Emeritus Faculty Members

Oren Anderson
Oren Anderson - Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Northwestern University
970-491-6339 / Oren.Anderson@colostate.edu
Structural chemistry of inorganic compounds, including Group IIA complexes, iron/copper bioinorganic model compounds, and metalloporphyrins; protein crystallography.