Faculty – Organic

Eugene Chen
Eugene Chen - Professor
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
970-491-5609 / eugene.chen@colostate.edu
Polymer Chemistry, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, and Catalysis
Bioplastics from renewable feedstocks, biomass conversion into chemicals and fuels, metal-catalyzed stereospecific and asymmetric polymerizations, Lewis pair polymerization, organopolymerization catalysis, precision polymer synthesis, polymer photovoltaics

Debbie Crans
Debbie Crans - Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University
970-491-7635 / Debbie.Crans@colostate.edu
Bioinorganic, Bioorganic, Physical Organic Chemistries, with focuses on characterization of menaquinone metabolism and ihibition of electron transport in tuberculosis bacteria, vanadium containing anti-diabetic and anti-malarial compounds, microemulsion drug-membrane interaction studies, copper (II) amyloid-beta and peptide complexation studies, and spectroscopic techniques including 1D and 2D NMR, EPR, fluorescence and IR.

Nick Fisk
Nick Fisk - Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
970-491-4115 / Nick.Fisk@colostate.edu
My research involves expanding the genetic code to include specifically reactive amino acids and using these types of non-natural amino acids to construct branched proteins and control the physical properties of protein assemblies.

Alan Kennan
Alan Kennan - Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
970-491-6046 / Alan.Kennan@colostate.edu
Peptide/Protein Recognition and Design
Molecular recognition, self-assembly, development of novel biological recognition motifs, construction of synthetic receptors for small molecules of biological interest, design of catalytic peptides.

Andrew McNally
Andrew McNally - Assistant Professor
Ph. D. The University of Cambridge
970-491-6782 / amcnally@mail.colostate.edu
Organic synthesis and catalysis
Synthetic chemistry, development of new catalytic reactions, transformation of renewable and abundant resources into value-added products, catalytic asymmetric processes.

Brian McNaughton
Brian McNaughton - Associate Professor of Chemistry, and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Ph.D., University of Rochester
970-491-7060 / Brian.McNaughton@ColoState.edu
Macromolecular engineering, evolution, and discovery
The use of engineering, high-throughput screening, and evolution to expand the scope and utility of proteins and assembled protein nanoreagents in catalysis, drug discovery, and intracellular drug delivery.

Tomislav Rovis
Tomislav Rovis - Professor
Ph.D., University of Toronto
970-491-7208 / rovis@colostate.edu
Asymmetric catalysis, organometallic chemistry, reaction development, synthesis of biologically important molecules.

Yian Shi
Yian Shi - Professor
Ph.D., Stanford University
970-491-7424 / Yian.Shi@colostate.edu
Organic and biological chemistry, new synthetic methodology, synthesis of chemically and biologically interesting natural products and study of their molecular mechanisms of action, study of enzymatic reaction mechanisms and development of therapeutic agents.

Robert Williams - University Distinguished Professor
Ph.D., Massachutsetts Institute of Technology
970-491-6747 / Robert.Williams@colostate.edu
Synthesis of natural products of biomedical significance and development of synthetic methodology for the construction of complex target molecules, design and synthesis of active site activated irreversible enzyme inhibitors, asymmetric synthesis of of alpha-amino acids, mechanism of action studies on anti-tumor drugs and antibiotics, oxidative cleavage and cross-linking of DNA, total synthesis and biogenesis of mycotoxic indole alkaloids from fungi, taxol biosynthesis, design and synthesis of antibiotics for drug-resistant microbial diseases, molecular biology and protein bioichemistry.

Emeritus Faculty Members

Lou Hegedus
Lou Hegedus - University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. Harvard
970-491-6376 / Louis.Hegedus@colostate.edu
Organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry.

Frank Stermitz
Frank Stermitz - Centennial Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., University of Colorado
970-491-5158 / Frank.Stermitz@colostate.edu
Alkaloid chemistry, natural product isolation, characterization, synthesis and biosynthesis, chemical ecology, plant-insect interactions.