Currently, the department consists of approximately:

  • 29 Tenure-track faculty + 6 joint/zero-time faculty
    • 1 Member of the National Academy of Sciences
    • 7 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowships
    • 6 AAAS members
    • 4 Fellows of the American Chemical Society
    • 5 Fellows of the American Physical Society
    • 12 NSF CAREER grant awardees
    • 1 Presidential Early Career Award
    • 1 Cottrell Teacher Scholar Fellowship
    • 3 Dreyfus Foundation Fellows
    • 2 Beckman Young Investigators
    • 2 Department of Energy Early Career Awardees
  • 159 Graduate students
  • 20 Postdoctoral fellows
  • 27 Research and professional faculty

The department is particularly successful at winning internal and external research funding, with awards from government (e.g. National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health), industry (e.g. BP) and foundations (Keck Foundation, Hermann Frasch Foundation).

Research covers both the traditional chemistry disciplines (analytical, inorganic, organic, physical) and interdisciplinary fields (materials, chemical biology, environmental). Instrument facilities at CSU are extensive through the department’s Central Instrument Facility and cell culture lab, as well as the university’s Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility and EcoCore Analytical Facility. The department maintains electronics, woodworking and scientific glassblowing expertise, and the university has a fully-staffed machine shop.

Graduate education at Colorado State aims to train creative and competent scientists through the pursuit of scientifically important research problems. Students are encouraged to cross disciplines and fields. Domestic and international students may apply to our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program. Students may transfer from the PhD to MS program. Graduate students can choose between a traditional or interdisciplinary focus; while course requirements are minimal, graduate students have opportunities to take a wide array of courses within the department, and through other departments and colleges at the university. Graduate classes emphasize the most modern concepts and are taught by an internationally respected faculty.