How CSU chemists are helping us not get food poisoning

Posted: March 8th, 2017

By Anne Ju Manning

Food poisoning: Many of us have had it, and we won’t soon forget it. Colorado State University chemists are trying to make it so we can avoid it in the first place.

Borrowing concepts from medical diagnostic devices, a CSU research team has created a simple, cheap set of handheld tests that can detect the presence of many water-or food-borne pathogens. If applied in the field, such tests could greatly reduce the number of expensive follow-up tests needed to keep the food supply safe from fecal contamination.

The new testing systems are innovations from the lab of Chuck Henry, professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry. The research is in Analytical Chemistry, a publication of the American Chemical Society (ACS), and is the subject of an ACS news release. The paper includes authorship by CSU graduate students Jaclyn Adkins and Katherine Boehle, research assistant Colin Friend, undergraduate researcher Briana Chamberlain, and Bledar Bisha of the University of Wyoming.

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