Brian McNaughton

Brian McNaughtonAssociate Professor of Chemistry, and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Office: Chemistry C325A
Phone: 970-491-7060
Education: Ph.D., University of Rochester

Macromolecular agents offer unique opportunities for advances in a multitude of areas, which include catalysis and medicine. Researchers in the McNaughton lab apply methods in protein engineering and high-throughput screening to develop new reagents capable of binding and modulating cellular receptors that evade small molecule control. These efforts are dovetailed with the development of genetically-defined nanocarriers that target the intracellular delivery of functional protein therapeutics or imaging reagents to diseased cells. Studies in these areas typically span the application of molecular biology-based approaches to the discovery of new protein drug leads, and assessment of their therapeutic efficacy in mammalian cells and in vivo (mice). Additionally, we apply engineering, evolution, and high-throughput screening methods to identify novel macromolecular catalysts.