Polymer chemistry highlighted on cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry B

Posted: January 6th, 2016


Chemistry graduate students (Pam Yapor, Alec Lutzke, and Bella Neufeld) and post-doctoral researchers (Adoracion Pegalajar-Jurado and Vinod Damodaran) had their work selected and highlighted on the cover of Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Their research article “Biodegradable citrate-based polyesters with S-nitrosothiol functional groups for nitric oxide release” describes the synthesis and characterization of a new nitric oxide (NO) releasing polymer system based on non-toxic citric acid and naturally-occurring cysteamine and L-cysteine. The polymer is fully biodegradable and exhibits therapeutically-relevant levels of NO release under physiological conditions, and may be suitable for future biomedical applications.

This group has been working in the lab alongside Dr. Melissa Reynolds, spending countless hours studying and developing advanced biocompatible materials to ease and speed the healing process.  In most clinical applications, the introduction of a foreign material can lead to serious health risks and undesirable complications such as infection, blood clotting, and tissue growth. In the Reynolds lab, they focus on synthesizing materials and artificial surfaces that replicate the natural function of endothelial cells through the release of nitric oxide (NO). These materials can effectively reduce or completely inhibit the complications associated with biologically-implanted materials. Their current focus is on designing and developing biodegradable NO polymers, investigating the role of NO in cellular-material interactions, and engineering NO microdevices with the capability of controlling NO delivery dosages.