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Image of Sumner guest speaker
By Isaiah Sumner
6/7/18 at 4:00 PM in

ABSTRACT  The ubiquitin conjugating enzyme, Ubc13, catalyzes lysine ubiquitination, a type of protein post-translation modification. Ubiquitinating a protein can signal for its degradation and affect its activity. Ubiquitination also plays a role in DNA repair and inflammatory response. Defects in this process are linked to different disorders including cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. The accepted […]

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By Jennifer Bjerke
6/11/18 at 4:00 PM in Chemistry A101

Image of Andrew Bissette
By Andrew Bissette
6/22/18 at 4:00 PM in ChemistryA101

The Nature Research portfolio includes the flagship Nature title, the physical and life sciences research journals, such as Nature Chemistry, and the open-access titles including the newly launched Communications Chemistry. During the first part of the talk Andrew will discuss the different aims and scopes of the various Nature titles as well as the relationship […]

9/12/18 at in

Past Seminars

Dirk Trauner
By Dirk Trauner Novartis Distinguished Speaker
4/2/18 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

picture of Anthony Casarez
By Anthony Casarez Novartis Distinguished Speaker
4/2/18 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

Dean Roddick
By Dean Roddick
4/3/18 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

Since the pioneering alkane activation work by Shilov in the early 1970’s, the detailed mechanism of electrophilic methane to methanol conversion by Pt(II) salts has remained an unresolved issue. In this talk we present our longstanding research on platinum organometallics under acidic and superacidic conditions. By employing strongly electron-withdrawing perfluorinated ancillary phosphine ligands, we have […]

Adamn Willard
By Adam Willard
4/5/18 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

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By Arnold Paecklar
4/6/18 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

Jenny Yang
By Jenny Yang
4/10/18 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

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By Ryan Fulgham
4/11/18 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

Organic acids are numerous and pervasive in Earth’s lower atmosphere. They contribute to ozone formation chemistry as well as the production of secondary organic aerosols, thus impacting both human and ecosystem health. Despite their relevance, organic acid budgets in the atmosphere remain poorly understood. Models underestimate measured ambient concentrations of many organic acids, suggesting an […]

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