‘Shifting our trajectory’: The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty

Posted: March 9th, 2017

Members of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty gather in the Lory Student Center. Front row L-R: Erica Suchman, Tammy Donahue, Ellen Fisher; back row L-R: Cori Wong, Cynthia Brown, Jennifer Nyborg, Diana Prieto and Paul Doherty. March 8, 2017

by Pam Jackson

It can seem a pretty daunting challenge when you serve on a committee charged with bringing about major institutional change, overcoming obstacles and structural constraints shaped by history and human nature over 150 years.

But the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty has moved swiftly, boldly and with determination to forge a better future for Colorado State University despite its relative newness in the institution’s long life. President Tony Frank established the committee in May 2014, making the announcement in a message to campus titled Shifting our Trajectory, acknowledging the need to change the climate for women at CSU.

Frank charged the standing committee with designing strategies and promoting activities that would enhance gender equality and the status of women faculty at CSU. To achieve these goals, he positioned them as a special subcommittee under the Commission on Women and Gender Equity, formed in 1997 by then-President Al Yates to serve all employees and students. That gave the SCSWF an unprecedented opportunity to influence a reformation of the cultural landscape for current and future generations of faculty.

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