How do students apply for the program?

  • To apply to the program, students will submit an application to Kathy Lucas either by email ( or in person, Chemistry Main Office, Room B101.

What are the admission criteria?

  • Completion of at least 75 credits hours, of which at least 15 credits must be from upper division (300+) courses
  •  A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Completion of the following courses (or equivalent transfer courses) with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above: CHEM 111 (or 117 and 192), 112, 113, 114; MATH 160, 161 (or 271); PH 141, 142; CHEM 334 and 335; CHEM 345 and 346 (or 341, 343, and 344); and CHEM 474 (or CHEM 473) and 475.

What are the expectations for the program?

  • Upon admission to the program, the student will be assigned a graduate committee consisting of their faculty research advisor, one additional Chemistry faculty, and one faculty member from a different department.
  • Students will complete all remaining coursework toward the completion of the B.S. degree in Chemistry while they are enrolled in the B.S./M.S. program. During their senior year, students making satisfactory progress may receive advanced placement in one or more graduate level (500+) courses. These courses may be used to fulfill upper division science electives toward the B.S. degree and/or may be used to fulfill coursework requirements in the M.S. Program.
  • Upon completion of all undergraduate degree requirements, students will be awarded their B.S. degree in Chemistry. Students may opt out of the BS/MS program at any time with no penalty.

Where can I (or they) find information about the program's components?

Can students go from the BS/MS into the PhD program? If so, what is the mechanism for this?

  • Yes.
  • The application process is the same as for any incoming graduate student.
    • Please visit here for more information.

How is a thesis incorporated into the degree plan?

  • Students can choose if they wish to pursue a thesis-based MS degree or a non-thesis MS degree.
  • Ideally, students have begun working on an independent research project under their advisor’s supervision prior to applying for the BS/MS program; however, once students are admitted, they will have a short time to find an advisor.
  • Credit may be received for this research effort by enrolling in CHEM 498 (Research) prior to completing the undergraduate degree requirements. These research credits may be used to fulfill upper division science electives towards the B.S. degree. It is expected that students will complete at least 3-credits of CHEM 498 for each semester they are enrolled in the B.S./M.S. program prior to the completion of their undergraduate degree requirements.
  • After the undergraduate degree requirements have been completed, students will continue pursuing their research as M.S. students. Credit for this research at the M.S. level will be received by enrolling in CHEM 698 (Research) or CHEM 699 (Thesis), depending on whether the student is pursuing a Plan A or Plan B M.S. degree. Honors students may use the research component of this program to fulfill the Honors Thesis requirements.

When do students start to take grad classes?

  • Students will begin taking graduate classes during their second semester of senior year.
  • There are exceptions to this.

Do BS/MS students earn the BS degree after 4 years (and go through graduation) or do they have to wait to complete the MS before graduating?

  • Since this is a sequential degree program, students earn their B.S. degree then they complete their M.S. degree.
  • This means that they can go through graduation after they complete their BS degree requirements.

How can I choose a faculty research advisor for my MS?

  • Students will rotate with at least two faculty members, before submitting a request to the Graduate Operations Committee before the end of their BS degree
  • Details can be found at this link: BS-MS text
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