List of Chemistry Advisors


Name Office, Phone Email
Carlos Olivo-Delgado (Key Academic Advisor) A 105, 491-0722
Chris Ackerson C 105, 491-0521
Debbie Crans C 301, 491-7635
Joseph DiVerdi  Yates 504A, 491-1761
Delphine Farmer C 215, 491-0624
Alan Kennan  C 313, 491-6046
Amber Krummel C 229D, 491-3694
Nancy Levinger (Honors Program) C 205, 491-1331
Martin McCullagh C109, 491-3572
Andrew McNally C325B, 491-6782
Brian McNaughton C 325A, 491-7060
Kassy Mies Yates 404C, 491-0731
Jamie Neilson C 212, 491-2958
Amy Prieto C 229A, 491-1592
Tony Rappe C 127A, 491-6292
Melissa Reynolds B 113C, 491-3775
Matt Shores C 107, 491-7235
Patty Somers Yates 504B, 491-0705
Ingrid Ulbrich Yates 404B, 491-7318
Alan Van Orden C207, 491-6286

Request for Change of Advisor

Having an experienced faculty advisor on your side is useful when it comes to making important decisions about your future career in chemistry.  Sure, you could make all those decisions yourself, but a faculty advisor can provide you with counsel that comes from years of professional, research and individual experience.  But sometimes things don’t work out so well.  If the relationship with your current faculty advisor isn’t working for you, it might be the time to explore the possibility of having a new one or request to change your advisor assignment to the person you have a better relationship with.

Please, click HERE to complete a request form to change your academic advisor.