CHEM 111 – Application to Register in Majors Section


The Chemistry Department at Colorado State University offers CHEM111 section 020 as a small section of our general chemistry sequence, capped at 48 students, to students who are chemistry majors. This class covers the same content as other sections of CHEM111 General Chemistry I. The course is not intended to be taught at a higher level but rather with more focus on concepts important to advanced chemistry courses within the major. This course offers a more intimate, small class experience for students with strong interest in chemistry.

Frequently, CHEM111 section 020 General Chemistry I for chemistry majors has room available for CSU students pursuing majors other than chemistry. We offer CSU students who are not chemistry majors the opportunity to join this class through the application process described below. Students accepted into the chemistry majors’ section may continue in general and organic chemistry courses for chemistry majors.

Please complete the following form.  Make sure you have secured a seat in one of the regular sections of CHEM 111.

Sorry, we are no longer accepting applications for this course, thank you.

CHEM 111-Application Form