The Stille Symposium has been postponed until a later date due to COVID-19 concerns.

The 2022 Stille Symposium

The 9th Stille Symposium will be held at Colorado State University on August 6, 2022. Three world-renowned scientists, Curtis Berlinguette (Univ of British Columbia); Seth Marder (CU Boulder) and Nathan S. Lewis (Caltech) will give lectures on the frontiers in energy science. The symposium will also feature a poster session and reception.

John K. Stille

The 2022 Stille Symposium honors the late John K. Stille, an internationally recognized scientist, who pioneered research in synthetic, polymer, and organometallic chemistry and held the title of University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University. Stille passed away in 1989.

This symposium is in tribute to C. Mike Elliott and Rod Skogerboe, who were influential scientists who made numerous original, significant, and innovative contributions to analytical/materials electrochemistry. Their impact on people was equally broad, deep, and pervasive. Elliott passed away in 2014, and Skogerboe passed away in 2017.

Elliott covered a variety of topics, most notably in the area of materials for solar energy applications.

C. Mike Elliott

A significant amount of Skogerboe’s work focused on trace analysis of heavy metals in environmental and biological samples.

Rod Skogerboe

The lectures and poster session are free and open to the public. If you plan to attend, please fill out the brief registration information so we can get an accurate head count. We hope that you can join us for what promises to be a memorable symposium.

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