Central Instrument Facility (CIF) is one of the Specialized Core Facilities  at Colorado State University, operated by the Department of Chemistry. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art research infrastructure and education services in support of advanced chemical and materials sciences. 

The CIF is organized into 7 laboratories, each offering a complement of sophisticated instruments and technical expertise to support faculty/student research, and industrial and educational outreach in the following categories:

The instruments are available for use mainly by principal investigators and their associates at CSU, our collaborators and other interested third parties after appropriate review. Most instruments are available on a self-service basis after appropriate classes or training provided by faculty and staff associated with the CIF.


The CIF is directed by Dr. Christopher Rithner (970-491-6475, Chris.Rithner@colostate.edu) and Associate Director Dr. Karolien Denef (970-491-3832, Karolien.Denef@colostate.edu). There are also several full time professional staff scientists, each with their own specific expertise, and student assistants available to aid with operation of the instrumentation.

These pages will inform you about our instrumentation, charges for use of the instruments, and specific ongoing projects in our facilities.

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