How do I access Chem Prep?

  1. First, you need to set up your NetID. That’s the login name (eName) and password that you can use to log into campus electronic services like RamWeb and Canvas.
  2. Get into the Canvas site for Chem Prep. You’ll log in with your eID, then click the “Go to the Course” button.
  3. Click “First Visit? Start Here” for all the information you need to get started.

See list below for other frequently asked questions regarding Chem Prep. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please email the Academic Advisor, Professor Carlos Olivo, at

What is Chem Prep? Why do I need it?

Chem Prep is a prerequisite for General Chemistry 1, CHEM 111. Chem Prep will help you review math topics that are foundational for your success in CHEM 111.

General Chemistry relies heavily on math skills that might be rusty. Chem Prep will help you refresh your skills and be ready for this college-level course. Studies have shown that students that have these skills are more successful in CHEM 111.

Who needs to complete Chem Prep?

Any student who plans to take CHEM 111 needs to complete Chem Prep.  (Another option is to take CHEM 105.)

Do you need to take CHEM 111?  “To find out whether your major or program of study requires CHEM111, please consult with your academic advisor within your program/major or look up the requirements for your program/major in the CSU catalog: or on your department website.”

*Note, chemistry majors do not have to take Chem Prep if they are enrolling in CHEM120 lecture and CHEM121 laboratory. Chem Prep is only required for CHEM111 registration.

Do I have to complete Chem Prep to take CHEM 111?

No.  Instead of doing Chem Prep, you could take CHEM 105, Problem Solving in General Chemistry.  This is a half-semester course that will help you develop a strong foundation for General Chemistry.  Please note that CHEM 105 and CHEM 111 cannot be taken concurrently, so you would have to wait until a future semester to take CHEM 111.  Also note that MATH 118 (or placement in a higher course) is a prerequisite for CHEM 105.

Do I have to complete Chem Prep if I have credit for CHEM 107

Yes. Many students with a strong foundation in chemistry find that they can progress through Chem Prep fairly quickly.

I reached the goal! How do I register for CHEM 111?

Once you complete Chem Prep, the information must be manually transferred to the University system, which can take up to 3 business days but sometimes occurs faster.  Depending on the timing, you may be able to register for CHEM 111 the next morning but if not, keep checking back each morning for 3 business days before contacting anyone.  (If you try to register sooner, you will get a “Prerequisite not met” error.)

What if I don’t complete Chem Prep this semester?

If you don’t complete Chem Prep before the first day of the upcoming semester, you have two options:

1. Take CHEM 105, Problem-Solving in General Chemistry this semester. This course can substitute for the Chem Prep prerequisite for CHEM 111.

2. Complete Chem Prep for a future semester. Just follow the steps to access Chem Prep when you’re ready.

The Chem Prep system wants to make sure it represents your current knowledge. So if it’s been 30 days since you last accessed it, it will ask you to do a new knowledge check. Then you can continue working.

How can I check if I have completed Chem Prep?

Log in to RamWeb and follow these steps:

1. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner.
2. Choose Records
3. Choose Placement Exam Results

The middle item gives your Chem Prep status as recognized by the registration system.

If I complete Chem Prep now but don’t take CHEM 111 this semester, do I have to do Chem Prep again?

No.  Once you have completed Chem Prep, your progress is permanent, just like your Math Placement or Composition Placement results.

I’m going to take Fundamentals of Chemistry, CHEM 107. Do I need to complete Chem Prep?

No.  Chem Prep is not a prerequisite for CHEM 107.  If you’ve been enrolled in Chem Prep anyway, and if you want to work on it, that’s ok!  All of the material in Chem Prep will be part of what you learn in CHEM 107.

The Chem Prep pre-requisite for CHEM 111 has been discontinued, as of the 2023 summer session. Students should be able to register for CHEM 111 without completing Chem Prep. Other pre-requisites remain in place.