Department Information

Chemistry Department
Colorado State University
Ft. Collins, CO 80523
Phone: 970-491-6381
Fax: 970-491-1801

Kristin Berthold, Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 970-491-5392

Diane Hellbusch, Office Manager
Phone: 970-491-0502

Department Chair

Chuck Henry, Professor
Kristin Berthold, Assistant to the Chair
Phone: 970-491-5392

Associate Chairs

Alan Kennan, Associate Professor
Cindy Ungerman, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 970-491-1090

Academic Advising

Carlos Olivo-Delgado
Phone: 970-491-0722

Graduate Admissions Information

For application materials and other
information, please contact:

Graduate Resources Coordinator
Kathy Lucas
Phone 970-491-7966

Or visit the Graduate Studies Web Page

Central Instrument Facility

Chris D. Rithner, CIF Director
Phone: 970-491-6475
Karolien Denef, CIF Associate Director
Phone: 970-491-3832

Chemistry Stockroom

Betty Wilmoth, Stockroom Manager
Phone: 970-491-1169

David Seley, Assistant Stockroom Manager
Phone: 970-491-7418

Departmental Computing

CNSIT South Online Ticket System

Ross Madden

Aaron Vanasse

Chemistry B204 Office: Phone: 970-491-7003