During the School Year

The Chemistry Department at Colorado State has a long tradition of supporting undergraduate research. At any given time, most research groups in the department have openings for undergraduate researchers.  New students will often be paired with a graduate student or post-doc mentor, but those that continue over multiple semesters often develop their own independent projects.

Two different courses exist to grant credit for undergraduate research. CHEM 495 requires only an informal presentation of results at the term’s end, while CHEM 498 requires submission of a formal research report in accordance with ACS guidelines. Enrollment in either course requires completion of the mandatory RCR online training, and completion of the Approval of Variable Credit Course form. Click on the RCR Training Letter link below for RCR Training instructions, and click on either course name to obtain the appropriate Approval of Variable Credit Course form: CHEM 495 CHEM 498 Turn in the completed Approval of Variable Credit Course form, signed by your instructor, along with your RCR Training Certificate of Completion, to Carlos Olivo-Delgado, Room A104.

RCR Training Letter

A Day in the Life – Chemistry at CSU

Summer Program

During the summer, the department provides students from around the country with the opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects in a broad range of chemical disciplines.  We typically offer the following program: