Please note upcoming closures for University Holidays:

  • The Stockroom will be closed on January 15, 2024.

Temporary Stockroom Hours: The Stockroom will be open 9:00 am-12:00 pm on Friday, March 8. Normal hours will resume on Monday, March 11.

Stockroom Closure: The Chemistry Stockroom is open from 9am to noon today with limited services. If there is an emergency, please contact Kristin Berthold.

The Chemistry Stockroom is open M-F from 9am-noon and 1-3pm. People can email directly if they have specific questions or call 970-491-6238.

The Stockroom will have the following reduced hours June 15-23.

  • The chemistry stockroom will only have walk-up sales during open hours.

Welcome to the CSU Chemistry Stockroom

A friendly, one-stop shop for all your chemical and scientific supply needs. Located in the Chemistry Building D-Wing on the Colorado State University main campus.

An Update From the Chemistry Stockroom

The Stockroom now allows walk up sales for all customers but if you wish to order ahead of time you can use the fulfillment process linked down bellow.  Please note that if you want liquid nitrogen or dry ice these items have to be sold in person because they have to be weighed out at time of sale.  If you need a price quote on any item(s), use the same fulfillment process but in the email subject line please insert Quote From Stockroom. Customers using a P-Card, personal credit card (only for protective equipment) or a corporate credit card, please note the payment method under the stockroom card number if order ahead of time.  If you have any questions please contact the stockroom manager directly via email at (best method) or call the stockroom at (970) 491-6238.


  • NOTE: 2-propanol bulk tech grade has been discontinued due to sharp price increase by vendor. Cost would be the same as ACS grade.
  • The Chemistry Stockroom is not open to the public.

The Chemistry Stockroom provides a large selection of chemicals and scientific supplies to the University, without the necessity of each college, department or research group maintaining its own separate storeroom. Items the stockroom carries includes:

  • Extensive chemicals and supplies.
  • Lab coats in sizes 34 through 56.
  • Flame resistant lab coats.
  • Gloves for sale to students: nitrile, latex and vinyl in sizes XS through XL.
  • Liquid nitrogen dewars filled while you wait.
  • Dry ice – don’t forget to bring a cooler.

For any questions concerning products and availability, please call the Chemistry Stockroom at 970-491-6238.