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Image of Dr. Wand
By Josh Wand, Ph.D.
10/7/21 at 4:00 PM in

CGSO invited speaker

By David Milstein, Ph.D.
11/16/21 at 4:00 PM in

Boulder Scientific Distinguished Lecturer

image of Macmillan
By David MacMillan, Ph.D.
2/28/22 at 4:00 PM in Chemistry A101

Williams Distinguished Lectureship

Past Seminars

By Patrick Fricke
6/14/21 at 4:00 PM in Virtual Seminar

Independent Proposal Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 983 1775 0921 Passcode: 1872

By Maggi Braasch-Turi
6/7/21 at 4:00 PM in Virtual Seminar

Independent Research Proposal Zoom Link Passcode 1872

By Heide Murakami
6/7/21 at 4:30 PM in Virtual Seminar

Independent Research Proposal Abstract This proposal contains a synthesis to make a class of anti-cancer compounds for a potential immunotherapy treatment. We propose a new form of antibody drug conjugate that uses polyoxometalates (POMs) as a drug payload to increase the efficacy of oncolytic viruses for cancer treatment. Oxovanadates have a synergistic effect with oncolytic […]

By Cassidy Jackson
5/4/21 at 4:00 PM in Virtual Seminar

Research Seminar Achieving control of magnetic relaxation in molecules is an important goal for molecular spintronics, quantum information, and biomedical imaging. The main hurdle to using molecules in the foregoing applications is a lack of fundamental understanding of precisely how the environment modulates spin relaxation times (T1, T2). One part of this challenge is the presence […]

By Rebekka Klausen, Ph.D.
5/3/21 at 12:00PM in Virtual Seminar

About the Seminar: In the Silicon Age, the experience of daily life includes tools made from this ubiquitous semiconductor: computers, solar cells, and many more. Yet silicon synthesis relies on top-down, high-temperature approaches that yield only the most thermodynamically stable forms of silicon. Uncovering new structure-function space demands a different synthetic vision. This talk will […]

By Alex Koegel
4/30/21 at 4:00 PM in Virtual Seminar

Research Seminar Intrinsic broadband white light emission has been observed in layered hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites with the formula (R-NH3+)PbBr4 and previously correlated to static lattice distortions. The structure and relevant electronic states of the inorganic layer are impacted by choice of the organic spacer cation (R-NH3+). The emission and structural dependence on the organic cation suggest […]

Ann Marie Carlton
By Ann Marie Carlton, Ph.D.
4/28/21 at 4:00 PM in Virtual Seminar

About the Seminar: Inorganic salts can enhance (“salting-in”) or inhibit (“salting-out”) the partitioning of organic gases to aqueous solutions relative to that in pure water.  These phenomena may affect the composition and abundance of secondary organic aerosol (SOA), though their importance in the atmosphere is largely unconstrained at present.  In this work, we quantify the effects of […]

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