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By Jeff Levy
5/31/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

About the Seminar: Nitroarenes are an important class of molecules found in pharmaceuticals and used as synthetic intermediates in the synthesis of more complex molecules. Because nitroarenes are very pi-deficient, they are challenging to halogenate via electrophilic aromatic substitution (EAS). Currently, these molecules can be halogenated at the meta position using solvent quantities of strong […]

6/2/22 at 4:00pm in Translational Medicine Institute

Translational Talks & Networking Reception has a new look! Translational research is the engine that turns the knowledge created by biomedical scientists, social scientists, engineers, physicians, veterinarians, and innovators into important solutions for human and veterinary patients. CSU has a team dedicated to supporting human and veterinary clinical researchers who is building tools to aid […]

By Tom Puleo
6/6/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

By Shawn Wright
6/6/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

By Pierre Mbarushimana, Ph.D.
6/15/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

Special Analytical Seminar with ARC; details to be announced.

By Jia Niu, Ph.D.
9/2/22 at 4:00 PM in Chemistry A101

David Milstein, Ph. D.
By David Milstein, Ph.D.
9/13/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

By Alex Grenning, Ph.D.
9/19/22 at 4:00 PM in Chemistry A101

By Jamie Neely, Ph.D.
10/11/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

Past Seminars

5/26/22 at 9:00 am in Virtual Microsoft Teams Meeting

Please join us for a one-hour virtual seminar where we’ll share how technology and innovative chemistry is at the core of our scientific strategy to deliver world-class medicines to patients. The session is open to students of ALL levels and departments. MSTeams invite is below 9:00 AM (MT) Interview Panel: Michael VanHeyst, Team Leader, Medicinal […]

By Andrea Westlie
5/16/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

About the Seminar: Arguably the most facile synthetic approach towards sustainable polyesters is through the ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of cyclic esters (or lactones). Robust methodology has been developed for the controlled ROP of these cyclic monomers at scale, but synthesis of these lactone monomers from bio-derived feedstocks can often be multi-step, energy intensive, low yielding, […]

5/13/22 at 9:00 am in Chemistry, B202


By CSU Ventures
5/3/22 at 4:00 PM in Chemistry A101

Hear about CSU Chemistry technologies and companies Learn about the Commercialization process at CSU Learn about opportunities to get involved! Food will be provided   Interested but can’t make it? Contact Steve Foster for more information:

By Kate Kostenkova
5/2/22 at 4:00 PM in Virtual Seminar - Zoom

About the Seminar: This work will explore photoredox-Ni dual catalyzed sp2-sp3 cross-coupling, Diels-Alder, and hetero Diels-Alder reactions towards their use in synthesizing synthetic cannabinoids. These transformations are critical for medicinal chemistry applications to enable reactions between electron-rich dienes and electron-rich dienophiles and difficult sp3-sp2 cross-coupling reactions.  Additionally, these reactions can be used to synthesize JWH133 […]

By Chris Stubbs
4/29/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

About the Seminar: In the modern world, polymeric materials dominate both commercial and consumer materials. From car tires to drug delivery capsules, the applications of polymers are nearly limitless. As such, there has been significant interest in understanding the structure-property relationships for both theoretical and real polymers. In particular, the effect of chain ends on […]

By Matthew McDermott
4/26/22 at 4:00pm in Chemistry A101

Visiting Scientist Seminar About the Seminar: The synthesis of inorganic materials, particularly via solid-state routes, often results in unexpected and/or unwanted product phases. While these phases are typically referred to as “kinetic” products, their formation can often be rationalized through careful application of thermodynamics at solid interfaces within an “open” framework, where chemical potentials of […]

By Jung-Jae Lee, Ph.D.
4/25/22 at 4:00 PM in Chemistry A101

About the Seminar: Imaging techniques are a vital part of clinical diagnostics and biomedical research. Optical molecular imaging makes use of relatively harmless, low-energy light, and technically straightforward instrumentation. Bioluminescence imaging systems, particularly use of firefly luciferin, are attractive because they have inherently high signal contrast due to the lack of background emission. However, current […]

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