Current Seminars

By Paul Cremer, Ph.D.
2/3/22 at 4:00 PM in Chemistry A101

About the Seminar:   Paul S. Cremer, Department of Chemistry, Penn State University, University Park PA 16802 Phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate, PI(4,5)P2 is one of the most negatively charged lipids in the plasma membrane of living cells with a net charge ranging from -3 to -5 near physiological pH. Its pendant phosphate groups bind tightly to divalent […]

By Martin Zanni, Ph.D.
2/24/22 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry A101

Tai-Yen Chen, Ph.D.
By Tai-Yen Chen, Ph.D.
4/14/22 at 4:00 pm in Chemistry, A101