Megan Dunlap
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Colorado State University
4:00 pm
Virtual Seminar
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Research seminar:

Super-resolution microscopy circumvents the diffraction limit of light so that emitters separated by ~5 nm can be resolved. While electron microscopy achieves better resolution, light microscopy records the fluorescence dynamics of the system, which are often indicative of underlying processes such as charge and energy transfer. However, most super-resolution images are acquired on the millisecond timescale, so they average over these faster processes. To acquire images with high spatial and temporal resolution, our group has developed a unique microscope that records the arrival times of single photons in each pixel of an image with sub-nanosecond time resolution. We have used it to characterize interactions within small clusters of semiconductor quantum dots, where the spatially-resolved lifetime and intensity images have allowed us to pinpoint energy donating and accepting regions within clusters.


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