This past summer, the CGSO teamed up with different breweries in Fort Collins to received specialized tours focusing on the chemistry involved in the production of beer. They also ended the tour with some sampling, for quality control purposes.


The Chemistry Graduate Student Organization strives to involve graduate students in a professional capacity in the Chemistry Department at Colorado State University. The objective is to give graduate students the chance to have a more collective voice in the department. This organization is a focal point for students to plan professional development and departmental activities, develop outreach opportunities within the department, and to be more actively involved in events and activities within the department.

Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at 3:00 PM in the Chemistry Graduate Student Lounge. We invite all interested graduate students to attend and join our email list by contacting if you are interested in joining!

Fionna Samuels

Hello! I’m Fionna, the president of the CGSO this year and a 4th year graduate student. I work for Dr. Nancy Levinger imaging live plant cells with vibrational microscopy techniques to visualize where small molecules gather within the cells. This year I want the CGSO to focus on DEI initiatives in addition to social and career development events. Outside of chemistry, I decompress by reading and hiking with my pup, Poppy. 

Amanda Kale

I’m a 4th year in Amy Prieto’s group, and my research involves the synthesis of photovoltaic nanoparticles. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, skiing, and singing in choir and a cappella (while not in a pandemic).

Kelly Nieto

I’m the secretary for CGSO this year and I’m in my 3rd year of graduate school in Amy Prieto’s group. I’m currently investigating antimony-based anodes for sodium-ion batteries with the goal to fundamentally understand the structural changes and reactions that occur when the battery is cycled under different conditions. Outside of the chemistry building I like playing basketball and softball, baking, drinking good beer/cider, watching horror movies, and hanging out with my two dogs and cat.

Anthony Campanella

I am the treasurer of the CGSO and a 3rd year in Joe Zadrozny’s group where I work to develop design principles to control low-frequency EPR spectral properties of paramagnetic first row transition metals. In my free time I enjoy brewing beer, petting my cat, hiking and skiing.

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