Preliminary Key Request Form

for all affiliations except undergraduate students

Undergraduate Preliminary Key Request Form

for undergraduate students

First Time Traveling Form and Tips – for all STUDENTS

  • Read and fill out this form and send to your admin.
    • we will set up a TRAVEL PROFILE for you prior to your first trip.

PRE-TRIP Travel Form

  • submit this form prior to travel.  Required to create a travel authorization in Kuali.

POST-TRIP Travel Form

  • submit this form upon return for reimbursement.

Travel and Absence Memo (Faculty and Staff)

  • submit this form prior to arrival for department notification and chair approval.
  • if traveling for business, whether paid by CSU or a 3rd party, please ensure that you fill out the pre-trip travel form so a travel authorization can be created.


  • current fiscal year committee assignments, including division membership.

Safety Manual

  • additional safety information can be found here.

Accessing CSU Systems


  • access to Chemistry and CNS unit identifiers and logos
  • power point and poster templates
  • CSU and CNS branding and style guides


  • submit a ticket to request support, find user guides, and various information about systems, VPN, cloud storage, etc.

Faculty/Staff Website Biography – Directory Login

  • faculty/staff access to updating profile picture, title, website, google scholar profile, CV, education, and brief biography (text only).