Where can I find a list of courses required for the chemistry major/minor?

The check sheets are for reference only. Running a degree progress audit (DARS) on RAMweb regularly is the best way to keep track of graduation requirements.

Major Concentrations

The Chemistry Major offers five concentrations: Environmental, Forensic, Health Sciences, Materials, and Sustainable. Below are the Chemistry Major Checklists broken up into the concentrations and if students have taken CHEM 111/112/113/114 or CHEM 111/112/113/114/341/343/344.

There is a mistake on my DARS. What should I do?

If the mistake relates to a course required by the Chemistry Major, contact your advisor.

If the mistake relates to an AUCC course, contact the Registrar.

How do I find out who my advisor is?

You can find out who your advisor is on your RAMweb account.

I am a graduating senior. Is there anything important that I need to know about graduation?

Yes.  You will need to make sure your expected graduation date is correct in RAMweb.  You will get a message from the Key Academic Advisor with instructions on how to take care of missing graduation requirements or if you are clear for graduation with your current coursework.

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