Answers to questions about how courses will transfer to Colorado State University can generally be found at or by logging in to your RAM web account, and selecting “Degree Planning”.

If your specific course is not found on the Transferology website, please contact Carlos Olivo to have your course evaluated. Follow these instructions:

  • Copy, paste and modify this message accordingly:
            I would like the attached course(s) to be evaluated towards my degree as
            CHEM _____.
             (Your name)
             CSU id number
  • In the subject field, type in: Transfer Credit Evaluation for (Your Name)
  • Attach a PDF version of the course syllabus from the institution you approved the class. Remember that lower division courses cannot be re-evaluated as upper division courses.
  • Allow 2-3 weeks for the re-evaluation to be processed in the department. They key advisor will contact you once this process has been completed and the re-evaluation sent to the Registrar’s Office.
  • Please don’t include the Transfer Course Equivalency Re-evaluation form with your message.