CSU chemist seeks to build a better way to make COVID-19 drug, using light

Making the in-demand drug remdesivir is costly, inefficient and can be hazardous. Garret Miyake’s lab has a “radical” technology that might be able to streamline the process.

Chemist and atmospheric scientist, A.R. Ravishankara, is part of team suggesting new steps in ending ozone layer depletion

Ozone layer researchers identify potential steps for the further success of a three-decade long treaty, the Montreal Protocol.

Global summit on science and innovation for reopening workplaces safely starts this week

At the Clean 2020 Virtual Summit, leaders from industry, government and universities will address the urgent need for solutions as America returns to work and school.

Research team inks licensing deal for COVID-19 viral detection test

The team has licensed their viral RNA-testing platform to Quara Devices, a startup company specializing in diagnostic biosensors.

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