Brian Maloney, M.S.
Speaker's Institution
FBI Denver
4:00 pm
Chemistry A101
Mixer Time
3:45 pm
Mixer Time
Chemistry B101E
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About the Seminar:

The mental discipline required for a career in Chemistry bridges disparate disciplines and is applicable to whatever endeavor one wishes to pursue.  A Chemist’s understanding of fundamental principles of natural science as well as foundational underpinnings of dynamic systems augment perfectly the creativity required to solve myriad challenges present in the workplace, our society, and our world.

About the Speaker:

Brian  grew up in Denver; Attended Mullen High School (when it was all male); Earned an ACS accredited BS Chem from Creighton University; Earned a MS in Forensic Science with a concentration in Criminalistics from the University of New Haven under Dr. Henry Lee and Dr. Robert Gaensslen (before OJ and CSI); I taught undergrad Chemistry courses and worked at Bayer Pharmaceutical while in graduate school (as well as waiting tables and tutoring); worked as Criminalist at San Bernardino County Sheriff’s doing drug analysis and methamphetamine labs; moved to DEA as a Forensic Chemist…more drugs, bigger labs…; moved to FBI as a Special Agent for the last 20+ years.  During my time with FBI…circa 7 yrs undercover- 3 full-time, 2 with OGA; and another 2 traveling part-time; member and Supervisor of FBI’s Evidence Response team;  3 years as Special Agent Bomb Technician deployed to numerous unstable countries;  last 4ys as Supervisory Special Agent  overseeing National Security matters.

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