Amber Krummel Associate Professor, Associate Chair

Office: Chemistry C107

Phone: (970) 491-3694


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  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison


Research in our lab is focused on elucidating the molecular level details that drive nano- to microscopic properties in condensed phase systems. Our group utilizes the structural and temporal resolution of two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy to address questions related to pore-formation in lipid membranes, charge transport in polyelectrolyte membranes, and the nano-aggregation process of asphaltenes. In order to gain further insight to these systems, we complement our experimental results with computer simulation and theory. Students will become experts in nonlinear spectroscopy and will develop general skills in optics, computer programming, and synthesis. Prospective graduate and undergraduate students interested in learning more details about the work in our lab should contact Dr. Amber Krummel.