Carlos Olivo-Delgado Academic Success Coordinator | Associate Teaching Professor

Office: Chemistry A105

Phone: (970) 491-0722


  • Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
  • Ed.D., University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
  • M.S., Universidad del Turabo, Gurabo, PR


Carlos joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University in 2015. Since then, he has been teaching for the general chemistry program and advising first year and transfer students. Carlos likes to research in chemical education and environmental toxicology, focusing on waterborne contaminants that affect human and animal health. He received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2001 and his master’s degree in environmental science in 2003. Later, he received his Ed.D. in chemistry education in 2007 from the University of Puerto Rico, and finished a Ph.D. in history in Spring 2017. In his professional career, Carlos has served in several teaching and administrative roles, including working with TRIO programs, Honors students and developing curricula for pre-service science teachers. Previously to relocating to Colorado, he served as Associate Dean of Science at Universidad del Turabo from 2011 to 2015.

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