Claudia Boot, Ph.D.
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Colorado State University
4:00 PM
Virtual Seminar
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Meeting ID: 944 0350 6302

About the Seminar:

The molecular structure of soil carbon pool is sensitive to global environmental change, and shifts in molecular structure influence processes that transport and transform that pool. The ecosystem metabolome represents an integrated picture of the collective features of the organic matter pool that can be assessed using mass spectrometry or NMR-based platforms. Describing the molecular features of the organic matter pool, from quantitative measures of individual components to qualitatively understanding patterns in oxidative state and chemical diversity can lead to predictive understanding of how an ecosystem functions and responds to environmental factors. Using a molecular ecology approach, I’ll describe the bioavailability and molecular characteristics of organic matter in glacial and managed sub-alpine forest ecosystems, along with analytical considerations and constraints of this approach.

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