Esther Amstad, Ph.D.
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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
9:00 AM
Virtual Seminar
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About the Seminar:

Nature produces soft materials possessing exceptional mechanical properties. These properties are to a large extent related to the well-defined structures and locally varying compositions of these natural materials. Key to the excellent control nature possesses over the structure and local composition of its materials is their fabrication: Many of these materials are formed from compartmentalized reagents that are stored at high concentrations and released on demand with a high temporal and spatial control. Inspired by nature, we use emulsion drops as compartments to build macroscopic granular hydrogels. In this talk, I will demonstrate how we convert individually dispersed emulsion drops into selectively permeable viscoelastic capsules that enable controlled localized release of reagents. These capsules are most frequently employed as individually dispersed delivery vehicles. In the second part of this talk, I will demonstrate how we go beyond the current use of capsules by converting them into inks that can be 3D printed into strong and tough double network granular hydrogels.


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Esther Amstad
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