Layton Rudolph
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Colorado State University
Chemistry A101
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Chemistry B101E
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As demand for long-term energy storage increases, next-generation battery materials work to fulfill demands for longer cycle lifetimes and higher capacity. Solid electrolytes are impressive candidate materials showing both slow degradation and increased stability against alkali metals, as compared to non-aqueous liquid electrolyte counterparts.(1) Lithium phosphorus oxynitride (LiPON) has shown promise for use as a solid electrolyte due to its ionic conductivity, good cycle lifetime, and diverse synthetic accessibility via radio frequency magneton sputtering, ammonolysis, and elemental deposition.(2) However, these existing methods are often not able to produce bulk crystalline LiPON which may complicate the exploration of structure-property relationships needed to leverage LiPON for commercial battery use. In 2021, Casas-Cabanas’s group published a bulk synthetic method yielding crystalline LiPON.(3) During this seminar we will explore synthesis requirements for oxynitrides, how a simple ball milling procedure can produce crystalline LiPON, and how this can inform more exploratory oxynitride syntheses for battery applications.


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