Sara Robinson
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Colorado State University
Chemistry A101
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Chemistry B101E
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A key interest in chemical synthesis research is the conversion of less desirable resources to value-added products.[1] Hydrogen peroxide is an increasingly valuable feedstock with applications as an antiseptic agent and wastewater treatment aid, a strong oxidant for chemical synthesis, and even an energy-dense catholyte for fuel cell applications.[2,3] Current synthesis methods for hydrogen peroxide require electrolytic conditions, toxic or rare transition metal catalysts, or high-purity aqueous and organic solvents to avoid catalyst poisoning or degradation [2,4], making these approaches energy-intensive and reliant on limited resources. Photocatalytic methods – which utilize light irradiation and a photocatalyst to facilitate chemical reactions – have been explored recently to achieve more sustainable hydrogen peroxide production and, in some cases, can use extremely abundant seawater as an effective solvent.[3-7] This paper by Ren and co-workers demonstrates the formation of hydrogen peroxide from real seawater using a single-atom photocatalyst (SAPC) composed of atomically dispersed manganese on a carbon-nitride scaffold.[7] In this seminar, I will discuss the evidence and findings of the paper, and the implications of this research in the larger context of photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide synthesis.



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