Allison Hubel, Ph.D.
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Univeristy of Minnesota
4:00 PM
Virtual Seminar
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Since the 1970’s, conventional light microscopy has been used to characterize and quantify the response of biological systems to cryopreservation.  The high spatial resolution and chemical specificity of low temperature Raman spectroscopy is a powerful tool by which to expand our understanding of cellular freezing response.  Studies that describe intracellular ice formation, interactions between cryoprotective molecules and biological structures, partitioning of cryoprotective agents and interactions between cryoprotective agents and water detected using low temperature Raman spectroscopy will be described.  New and emerging challenges for the lab will also be described including expanding the analysis of images obtained and imaging multicellular systems.

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Meeting ID: 619 122 3296
Passcode: CSU-Anal

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