A. Filipenko, Ph.D. and P. Mbarushimana, Ph.D.
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Seminar presented by ARC-MMA and Bruker


A. Filipenko, Ph.D. – National Applied Markets Manager, Bruker Scientific, LLC
P. Mbarushimana, Ph.D. – Application Scientist, Bruker Scientific, LLC

Mass Spectrometry (MS) has become an indispensable tool for polymer analysis and has been widely used to study polymer structure and composition, end-groups and additives, molecular weight distribution, degree of polymerization, and so on. MS analysis is extremely sensitive, allowing the detection and identification of minor polymer components and synthesis byproducts, as well as low-level impurities and products of decomposition. Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) MS is a well-established method of polymer characterization that continues to be developed and improved with new generations of MS instruments, bringing new analytical capabilities and enhanced performance. Modern MALDI-MS instruments generate rich chemical information highly specific for polymer structural analysis, copolymer composition and complex polymer mixtures characterization, and can even be used for imaging of synthetic polymer surfaces. Because of its unique capabilities, this technology has been widely used in a great variety of polymer analysis applications in both academic and industrial settings. In some cases, MALDI-MS is the only technique that can provide the information required to solve a practical problem. It allows for rapid MS analysis where no prior sample treatment or extensive separation is needed, including characterization of challenging insoluble polymers.

At this seminar, we will discuss real-life application examples from both industry and academia to demonstrate the capabilities of MALDI-MS in the field of synthetic polymer research. The seminar will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art Bruker technologies and workflows in the context of specific analytical challenges and newly developed solutions.


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