Cassidy Jackson
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Colorado State University
4:00 PM
Virtual Seminar
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Research Seminar

Achieving control of magnetic relaxation in molecules is an important goal for molecular spintronics, quantum information, and biomedical imaging. The main hurdle to using molecules in the foregoing applications is a lack of fundamental understanding of precisely how the environment modulates spin relaxation times (T1T2). One part of this challenge is the presence of magnetic nuclei (e.g. 1H, I = 1/2) as they are widely attributed to hastened spin relaxation times. However, nuclei will be present in nearly all the aforementioned applications of magnetic molecules. Hence, our goal is to understand how specific modifications of nuclear spins, and other environmental factors, impact electron spin relaxation times. In the long run, we aim to lengthen T1 and Tby focusing on understanding interactions in the local environment of an unpaired electron, which is currently underdeveloped.


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