David Lacy, Ph.D.
Speaker's Institution
University at Buffalo
4:00 pm
Chemistry A101
Mixer Time
3:45 pm
Mixer Time
Chemistry B101E
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About the Seminar:

Synthetic iron-based catalysts that functionally model iron dependent oxygenases are rare. Considering the large number of synthetic iron complexes, why is this? We are taking a close look at this question and, in the process, have come up with some design principles that are guiding our work towards developing synthetic iron-based catalysts that use O2 as the oxidant. This work represents a major effort in our group towards sustainable chemistry by using earth abundant metals and oxidants that are non-toxic.

About the Speaker:

David is a Colorado State Alum, having received his BS in Chemistry in 2007 and worked with Prof. Matt Shores before going to UC Irvine for his PhD. After completing his dissertation with Andy Borovik, David left for Caltech to work with prof. Jonas Peters as an NIH Postdoctoral fellow. In 2015, David started his independent career at the University at Buffalo, where he is now, and is working toward sustainable chemistry by developing earth-abundant transition metal catalysts.

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