Patrick Woodward, Ph.D.
Speaker's Institution
Ohio State University
4:00 PM
Chemistry A101
Mixer Time
3:45 PM
Mixer Time
Chemistry B101E
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About the Seminar

The AMX3 (A = Cs, Rb, CH3NH3; M = Pb, Sn, Ge; X = I, Br, Cl) halide perovskites have drawn a tremendous amount of attention in recent years. Their electrical and optical properties are comparable to conventional compound semiconductors, which makes them potentially suitable for many applications, including solar cells where power conversion efficiencies exceeding 20% have been realized. The halide double perovskites Cs2BB′X6 (B = Ag, Na; B′ = Bi, Sb, In; X = Cl, Br) are attractive alternatives because they do not contain lead and have enhanced chemical and thermal stability. In this talk I describe our studies of the synthesis and properties of halide double perovskites and assess their potential for use as solar absorbers in photovoltaic devices and phosphors in solid state white lighting.


About the Speaker

Patrick Woodward received BS degrees in Chemistry and General Engineering from Idaho State University in 1991, an MS in Materials Science and a PhD in Chemistry from Oregon State University in 1996, where he studied under Art Sleight. He was a postdoc at Brookhaven National Laboratory (1996−1998) before moving to Ohio State University in 1998. He is Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Ohio State University, where he has been since 1998. His research interests revolve around the discovery of new materials and understanding links between the composition, structure and properties of extended solids. He has published 165 papers, over half of which concern perovskites of one type or another.

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