Isiah Warner, Ph.D.
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Louisiana State University
4:00 PM
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HACH Distinguished Speaker

About the Seminar:

Our research has explored unique applications of room-temperature ionic liquids (RTILs) for several years. More recently, we have extended the range of these materials to include applications of similar solid phase materials, i.e. organic salts with melting points of frozen ionic liquids (25 °C to 100 °C) up to melting points of 250 °C. To contrast and better define these new materials from RTILs, we have created an acronym, GUMBOS (Group of Uniform Materials Based on Organic Salts). Our GUMBOS have the tunable properties frequently associated with RTILs, including tunable solubility, melting point, viscosity, thermal stability, and functionality. Thus, these properties allow production of solid phase materials with a wide range of properties, and also a wide range of applications. Select applications of GUMBOS and nanoscale GUMBOS that we have recently explored will be highlighted. We have also designed nanomaterials based on this strategy and have designated these materials as nanoGUMBOS. We believe that our methodology for preparing GUMBOS and nanoGUMBOS represent an extremely useful approach to production of tunable materials and tunable nanomaterials since our materials can be designed and assembled for specific uses, rather than simply adapted for use as for most materials. In this talk, I will also highlight selected applications, including sensor applications and cancer therapy. Specific emphasis will be placed on the unique advantages attained from use of GUMBOS and nanoGUMBOS. In particular, we have found these materials to be uniquely suited for applications ranging from cancer therapy, selective extraction, molecular weight determination, and solar cells. Particular emphasis will be placed on applications in the general areas of analytical chemistry and the biomedical sciences.

About the Speaker:

Isiah M. Warner is Boyd Professor of Louisiana State University System and Philip West Professor of Chemistry, as well as Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor. He is an analytical/materials chemist with research focusing in fluorescence spectroscopy, organized media, and ionic liquid chemistry, particularly as applied to solid phase ionic materials. He has more than 380 refereed publications and an h-index of 65. He has won many awards including 1) ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award in Education, 2021; 2) International Journal Nature Award for Mentoring in Science, 2019; 3) Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017; 4) Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, 2017; 5) Fellow of American Academy of Arts & Sciences, 2016; 6) SEC Professor of the Year, 2016; 7) ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry, 2013; 8) Fellow of Society of Applied Spectroscopy, 2010; 9) Fellow of American Chemical Society (Inaugural class), 2009; 10) Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science, 2003.


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