Takafumi Yamamoto Ph.D.
Speaker's Institution
Kyoto University, Japan
4:00 pm
Chemistry A101
Mixer Time
3:45 pm
Mixer Time
Chemistry B101E
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About the Seminar

Transition metal oxides have attracted a lot of interests due to their wide variety of functional properties, such as ferromagnetic properties, multiferroicity, and superconductivity, coming from properties of d electrons. The crystal structures of transition metal oxides consist of polyhedra with a transition metal cation surrounded by oxide ions, which dominate the electronic structure of the compounds. Thus, a fine tuning of local structures (polyhedra) allows us to control the properties of the materials. In this seminar, I would like to show the examples for tuning the local structures of transition metal oxide-based materials by using physical and chemical pressure and mixed anions.


About the Speaker

Dr. Yamamoto received his Ph.D. from Kyoto University in 2012, and is an assistant professor at Kyoto University with the Kageyama group.  His research focuses on the structures and properties of transition metal oxide-based materials.  He is currently  working on the “mixed anion project” by JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotions of Science), and is a visiting professor at CSU collaborating with the Neilson group.

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