REU student presenting posterThe path of most research approaching real world problems (increasing data storage, producing inexpensive, non toxic photovoltaics, or developing state-of-the-art bioorganic materials for drug delivery) encompasses synthesis, characterization, computational modeling and simulations, and device performance assessments. Although individual groups may work on one or more parts of this cycle, it is critical that students appreciate and acquire some understanding of the entire process. This REU program will provide students an introduction to a variety of aspects of chemical research. In addition, students will participate in activities that will enrich their presentation, ethics and career skills. See the program information section for more details.


Besides offering a summer at the foot of the Rockies, the CSU Chemistry REU program aims to conduct cutting-edge research and, at the same time, provide research opportunities for:
(a) students in underrepresented groups;
(b) students who would not normally have the chance to participate in research at their home institution; and/or
(c) students at an earlier stage in their undergraduate education sequence.

In an effort to achieve both goals simultaneously, our featured research projects section highlights a subset of the research involving our ~25 participating faculty where new researchers can be plugged into thoughtfully constructed assignments, with the aim to maximize discoveries.


The NSF requires that students must also be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Students who will graduate at the end of the spring 2024 semester are not eligible for this program. Otherwise, undergraduate students at any level of education may apply.

NSF Chemistry REU Leadership

The Chemistry REU Leadership Group is composed of a subset of REU Site Directors and is supported by a special grant from the NSF. Its mission is to improve the REU program through workshops, travel grants, symposia, and other innovative activities and provide guidance to current and prospective REU Site PIs. The LG serves as an important advocacy group for the chemistry undergraduate research community nationwide.