Grad students, Andrew Bates and Skyler Markham, from Professor Debbie Crans’ group, went to the 2023 International Vanadium Symposium held in Lisbon, Portugal. Both Andrew and Skyler received Biological Inorganic Chemistry awards for their presentations. Andrew presented a joint project by the Crans and Zadrozny groups entitled “Increasing temperature sensitivity for 51V NMR thermometers through ligand-to-metal charge transfer”. Skyler’s presentation was titled “Development of two vanadium (V) Schiff-Base catecholate complexes: Relating stability and biological activity to structural modifications.” In addition, Andrew Bates got a second place poster award for his poster presentation, “Stability and Structure-Activity Relationship Analysis of Halogenated Vanadium Schiff-base Catecholate Complexes.”

The International Vanadium Symposium is an interdisciplinary event that aims to gather researchers from the vanadium research community to showcase their latest findings on topics such as, bioinorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, catalytic chemistry, toxicology, environmental chemistry, materials sciences, and more.

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