Jake Greenwood
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Colorado State University
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Organoboron species are key reagents in organic synthesis, materials science, and drug discovery. Methods that install the boryl functional group are in high demand, especially those that provide a route to previously inaccessible organoboron intermediates. Potassium acyltrifluoroborate salts (KATs) are bench-stable reagents that display rapid condensation with nitrogen nucleophiles for amide-bond formation (Scheme 1A). While this reactivity with nitrogen nucleophiles has been well-studied, other classical reactions of carbon-centered nucleophiles with ketones has been left underexplored. Additionally, reports of radical or carbene reactivity has not been demonstrated with these reagents which could lead to previously unknown chemical reactivity. Strategies that expand the versatility of KATs would enable access to diverse, borylated compounds that are indispensable reagents in organic chemistry.

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