Anthony K. Rappe, Ph.D.
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Colorado State University
Chemistry A101
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About the Seminar:

We have made a lot of exciting changes to the chemistry major at CSU, and we invite students (majors, minors, and the chem-curious) and faculty and staff to learn more about those changes in this seminar.

Chemistry, the central science, engages biochemistry, biology, engineering, and environmental and materials sciences. Chemists synthesize compounds ranging from life-enhancing medicines to the materials of modern society, with the understanding that there can be unintended consequences. Chemists collect and analyze data used in policy decisions, including those involving the air, food, soil, and water. Chemists develop materials and processes that are safer, and are more energy and material efficient. Chemists develop processes for the recovery and conversion of waste to raw material.

“I really think that our students want to ‘do’ things to make the world a better place,” said Chair of the Department of Chemistry, Matthew Shores. “The concentrations are aimed at preparing students for chemistry-related jobs right after their B.S. degree.”

The Chemistry major and five associated concentrations (environmental, forensic, health science, materials, and sustainability) will be described along with upcoming developments including new lab space.