Kyle Nottingham
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Colorado State University
10:00 am
Virtual Seminar
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Independent Proposal Seminar

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About the Seminar:

Metal carbenoids are versatile intermediates, facilitating C-C and C-heteroatom bond formation in a variety of examples. The most common approach to generate a carbenoid is by metal-induced decomposition of diazo compounds. While diazo compounds serve as the precursor in many useful carbenoid-mediated transformations, their thermal instability and challenging preparation (from shock and heat sensitive precursors) make them difficult to use in large scale applications. It is essential that stable alternatives are developed to enable further uptake of this chemistry in industrial processes. Alternative precursors may also lead to metal carbenoids for which the diazo compound is difficult to access, expanding the scope of this valuable chemistry. We propose deoxygenation strategies to transform 1,2-dicarbonyl compounds and a-hydroxy carbonyl compounds into metal-carbenoids via oxyphosphorane intermediates.

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