The Stille Symposium has been postponed until a later date due to COVID-19 concerns.


The 10th Stille Symposium was held at Colorado State University on May 20, 2023. Four world-renowned scientists, Tomislav Rovis (Columbia University); Donna Blackmond (Scripps Research); Matthew Sigman (University of Utah) and Geoffrey Coates (Cornell University)  gave lectures on recent breakthroughs in catalysis and synthesis.

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Professor John K. Stille was an internationally recognized scientist who pioneered research in synthetic, polymer, and organometallic chemistry and held the title of University Distinguished Professor at Colorado State University. His research contributions and discoveries in these fields formed the basis of many important developments and technologies in use today. Professor Stille’s untimely death was the result of a commercial airline crash in July 1989.

His wife, Dolores, was a strong supporter of her husband’s career and of the Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University until her death in February 1995.

Professor Stille’s former students and postdoctoral fellows continue to carry on his legacy, holding important positions in the academic, government, and industrial research communities.

In order to preserve the memory of this gifted scientist and his devoted wife, the Department of Chemistry, with the aid of numerous personal contributions from former students, faculty, colleagues, and industrial firms, has established the Stille Science Symposium. Since Professor Stille’s research interests and contributions ranged over diverse disciplines, each symposium has a different theme.



1990: Organic Synthesis – A Tool for the 21st Century

K.C. Nicolaou, Scripps Research Institute
Phil Magnus, UT Austin
Dieter Seebach, E.T.H, Zurich
David A. Evans, Harvard

1993: Frontiers of Polymer Chemistry

Robert H.Grubbs, Cal Tech
Owen W. Webster, DuPont Central Research
Donald A. Tomalia, Michigan Molecular Inst.
Harold R. Allcock, Penn State

1997: Biological Chemistry

Adrian Bax, NIH
Jack E. Baldwin, Oxford
Thomas R. Cech, UC Boulder
Richard A. Lerner, Scripps Research Institute

2011: Materials for a Sustainable World

A. Paul Alivisatos, UC Berkeley
Daniel G. Nocera, MIT
Ester S. Takeuchi, SUNY Buffalo
Robert M. Waymouth, Stanford

2022: Frontiers in Energy Science

Curtis Berlinguette, University of British Columbia
Nathan S. Lewis, California Institute of Technology
Seth Marder, Colorado University Boulder
CSU Talks by Jeff Bandar, Seonah Kim, and Joseph Zadrozny

1992: Catalytic Oxidation

James P. Collman, Stanford
Robert J. Madix, Stanford
Jack H. Lunsford, Texas A&M
Thomas J. Meyer, UNC

1995: The Electron Transfer Reaction

Harry B. Gray, Cal Tech
Norman Sutin, Brookhaven Nat. Lab
Graham R. Fleming, Chicago
Allen J. Bard, UT Austin

2002: Frontiers in Organic Chemistry

Robert Bergman, UC Berkeley
Peter Dervan, Cal Tech
Eric Jacobsen, Harvard
George Whitesides, Harvard

2016: Development and Application of NMR for Our World

Joseph Ackerman, Washington University in Saint Louis
Adriaan Bax, National Institutes of Health
Ann McDermott, Columbia University
Robert Tycko, National Institutes of Health