The Department of Chemistry aims to best serve all of our students throughout their academic career. This includes students who aren’t majoring or minoring in Chemistry. By facilitating student success through providing resources, engagement, and support, the department guides students through their scientific journey.

CSU's Commitment to its Service Students

Whether you are active duty military, a member of our National Guard or Reserves, a spouse or family member with a loved one in the military, a retired service member, or have left the service and are looking forward to the next chapter in your life, Colorado State University is here for you.

CSU is currently home to 2,000 student-veterans, dependents, and active duty military members.

CSU has developed a value-based model for student-veteran engagement and academic success. Our approach is strengths-based and opportunity-focused and emphasizes accountability as students work to complete their degrees and secure sustainable careers after college.

CSU is dedicated to your success and will assist in any way it can to help you reach your educational, career, and personal goals.

Why CSU?

At Colorado State, we are dedicated to helping you hone your talents, drive, and goals into marketable, in-demand, professional skills to accelerate job opportunities and your transition into a sustainable career.

You will find a culture of respect and inclusion for veterans on our campus, and you could benefit from the extremely generous privately-funded scholarships for veterans and family members. We are a world-class research university and we understands the value veterans bring to the classroom through life experience, maturity, and outstanding work ethic. We have numerous programs and offices on campus who have partnered with student-veterans, faculty, and staff to create a culture of respect and campus immersion that includes:

  • Financial guidance and counseling, including bridging any GI Tuition Assistance Bill funding gaps
  • Camaraderie and social opportunities
  • Womens’ Veteran Initiative providing opportunities and activities for female student-veterans
  • Layers of support and teamwork throughout the education process
  • Outstanding career counseling and placement services
  • Individualized programs that address physical, mental, and emotional challenges

Why CSU?

At Colorado State, we are dedicated to helping you hone your talents, drive, and goals into marketable, in-demand, professional skills to accelerate job opportunities and your transition into a sustainable career.

This webpage aims to enhance your engagement in the learning process. The resources below are a collection of links, contacts, and strategies designed to promote a deeper comprehension of course materials and overall academic success.



Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Learning Resources by Subject or Skill

Student Programs and Services

Before Class Begins

  • Have your textbooks available prior to the first day if possible.  Textbooks are available for purchase through the CSU Bookstore, online or in the store.
  • Visit Canvas Student Resources to become familiar with the course delivery environment.

First Day of Class

  • Start Day One: Be prepared to engage in the material and to study as soon as classes begin.
  • Seek Help Day One: If you have questions or concerns, ask the very first day. By day two the class may already be moving on to a new topic. Plus, if the course isn’t for you, you need to drop quickly to avoid the loss of tuition.

Plan Ahead

  • Manage your schedule: Build in more time to study to keep up with the busy semester.
  • Use the syllabus and refer to it frequently. Compare deadlines with your personal calendar to build in adequate time in your schedule to study and prepare for exams, quizzes, and assignment completion.

Daily Strategies

  • Engage in class every day: Smaller class sizes, in general, provide more opportunity for engagement with faculty and classmates.
  • Study daily, as tests occur more often: Assess how long it takes you to read and understand material so you can plan accordingly.

Form Study Groups

One of the best ways to learn material is to discuss it with other students. Learn from, quiz, and teach each other.

Attend Office Hours as Needed

Office hours are designated times instructors are available to meet with you outside of class, typically in their office, but sometimes virtually, at times listed on the syllabus. Making a connection with your instructor(s), asking for guidance, or confirming you’re approaching your work as expected can help you learn more and make a positive difference in your course outcome.

Adult Learner and Veteran Services
(970) 491-3977
Room 282, Lory Student Center

Center for Community Partnerships
(970) 491-5930
CSU Oval on the 3rd Floor of the Occupational Therapy Building

New Start for Student Veterans
(970) 491-5809
Alder Hall, Room 203

Academic Advancement Center (AAC)
(970) 491-6129
117 Gibbons Hall

Health Professions Advising at CSU
(970) 491-7095

Success Coaching
(970) 491-7095
Collaborative for Student Achievement on the east side of Canvas Stadium