The Buildings

The Department of Chemistry at Colorado State occupies a modern, 157,000-square-foot building. There are four floors of offices, teaching and research laboratories, chemical and equipment stockrooms, and machine, glassblowing, and electronics shops, as well as lecture halls, classrooms, and seminar rooms.

Yates Hall opened in the fall of 2002. The new building houses state-of-the-art undergraduate laboratories and classrooms for biology, biochemistry, and chemistry (4th & 5th floors).

Online floor plans for the Chemistry building are available.

Support Resources

The department houses a number of modern support facilities, including:

  • A Central Instrument Facility (CIF)
    that contains extensive NMR, mass spectrometry, and other resources
  • A Materials Characterization Facility
    (within the CIF) containing powder diffraction, thermal analysis, and various spectroscopic instruments
  • Modern computing facilities under the supervision of CNSIT
  • Support shops (electronic, glassblowing, machine) staffed by full-time personnel
  • A staffed x-ray analysis facility for single-crystal structure analysis
  • A chemistry stockroom that provides chemicals and supplies for all avenues of research
  • Ready access to the chemical literature through resources at the CSU Morgan Library and electronic and internet-based resources supported by the Chemistry Department and the CSU Libraries